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--- Comment #14 from Jan Alonzo <jmalonzo at gmail.com>  2009-07-17 20:23:48 PDT ---
Pasting a discussion I've had with Mario so it won't get lost in the ether.
Please note that 'img' can be anything. One of the test that failed for example
relates to an <img> with a button role so assuming that img as just an img
would be inconclusive. We need to check those two tests for the expected

10:00 < msanchez> janm: around?
10:02 < janm> msanchez: hey
10:05 < msanchez> hi, just seen the regressions about bug 25524 and I was
wondering (not sure though) whether the point there could actually be to change
those two failing test cases
10:05 < msanchez> I mean... so far 'alt' was used for accesible descriptions
10:05 < msanchez> but with that implementation, and supposing it's correct (I
think that's what gecko does, btw), 'alt' -> accesible name / 'title' ->
accesible description
10:06 < msanchez> and those test cases are failing precisely because they
expect the 'alt' attribute to be exposed as 'name'...
10:06 < msanchez> what do you think?
10:09 < janm> msanchez: what does the spec say atm? If the spec is not clear,
we probably would want to follow FF
10:10 < janm> msanchez: If we need to change the expected results for those two
tests, I think we need to engage webkit-dev as well so other ports are aware of
the change
10:10 < janm> msanchez: though you might need to do more and update the mac
port as well
10:11 < janm> msanchez: (if necessary)
10:11 < msanchez> hmm, don't know, I've just followed indications at
10:14 < janm> yeah and that's fine. :)
10:14 < janm> msanchez: "In order to be perceivable, elements with a role of
img SHOULD have alternative text or a label associated by the accessible name
10:19 < janm> msanchez: not too sure about if title = accessible description
should only apply to imgTags
10:20 < msanchez> janm: actually with that patch it was applying to every
element, as it's a core attribute which theoretically should be used for giving
extra detail (descriptions) over elements
10:21 < msanchez> http://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_standard_title.asp
10:27 < janm> msanchez: WAI-ARIA seems to suggest that 'title' can be used as
the accessible name too http://www.w3.org/TR/wai-aria/
10:31 < msanchez> hmm.. true, perhaps it should be used as a fallback when no
other atribute, more suitable for the accesible name, is present
10:32 < janm> msanchez: yeah
10:32 < msanchez> not sure though... I'll keep thinking on that, now I have to
go (2.30 am here). It was nice chatting to you, if you come up with a
definitive solution to this, it would nice you wrote it down 
                  in the bugzilla :-)
10:34 < msanchez> see you

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