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--- Comment #241 from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net>  2009-07-16 03:47:52 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #240)
> (In reply to comment #238)
> > My goodness, LKCL, stop talking so much. I'm very interested in the progress of
> > this bug, but, in the time spent spamming, a lot of progress could've been
> > made.
>  teeelll me about it.  ... actually, don't - that would be in breach of
> agreement to keep to technical issues :)
> > I was on your side before (and thought there were sides in this thing!) but I

 there are no "sides" - there is only the goal. the goal is "useable and useful
gobject / c DOM bindings".

 i freely admit that i'm pathologically focussed on that goal and that goal

> > I'll fix this patch myself once I have the time. Couldn't be that hard.
>  ha ha that's the spirit :)  [btw that's exactly what i said about nt domains

 also, if you're limited on time, and also simply from a practical perspective,
can i recommend the use of a joint / collaborative repository to which we both
have access?

 as you know i'm currently using github - you or anyone else i'm happy to grant
commit / push access but if you or anyone else has any other suggestions i'm
happy to work with that.

 in that way, if you don't have time, i can perform the necessary high-level
testing which will help keep the patch on-track.

 just because following webkit's procedures have resulted in stress and
distress [that my unfortunately-ignored recommendations were made to avoid]
doesn't mean that _you_, sean, should subject yourself to the same levels of

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