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------- Comment #8 from mike at w3.org  2009-01-21 20:14 PDT -------
Something that could be done to add a degree of support for inputmode in WebKit
itself would just be to add the inputmode attribute to the HTMLInputElement and
HTMLTextAreaElement interfaces, so that inputmode could be accessed as a
property on input and textarea objects.

Dominique, maybe you could retitle the summary for this bug to request that?
(If you agree) Either that or maybe open a new bug with that summary.

Im suggesting that because it seems like actually implementing full support for
input-mode switching is something that's platform-dependent/device-dependent.
It requires the browser to understand how to interact with the input-method
editor on whatever device the browser happens to be installed on, and tell the
IME what mode to switch into. I would assume that kind of code would never be
part of the WebKit code itself, but instead part of the browsers/platform code
for a particular browser that uses WebKit.

But making inputmode accessible as a property would at least provide a basis
for a browser builder to implement inputmode support on top of WebKit for a
particular browser-platform-device.

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