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------- Comment #7 from ap at webkit.org  2009-01-19 23:05 PDT -------
I measured 7K on a debug build - release may be slightly better, but not much
JSC::RegisterFile*, JSC::ExecState*, JSC::JSValuePtr*
 +00000 000cf090 7C0802A6             mflr              r0
 +00004 000cf094 DBE1FFF8             stfd              f31,0xfff8(SP)
 +00008 000cf098 2F850001             cmpwi             cr7,r5,0x1
 +0000c 000cf09c BDA1FFAC             stmw              r13,0xffac(SP)
 +00010 000cf0a0 429F0005             bcl               20,31,$+4
 +00014 000cf0a4 90010008             stw               r0,0x8(SP)
 +00018 000cf0a8 9421ECC0             stwu              SP,0xecc0(SP)

0xecc0 is -4928, so privateExecute alone takes about 5K, and there are other
methods involved in each call.

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