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------- Comment #59 from dominik.roettsches at access-company.com  2009-01-14 08:49 PDT -------
Thanks to Darin's suggestions, for splitting the patch into smaller pieces, my
plan is as follows. I will create 4 patches, the first one for moving WTF
Unicode to GLib, the second one for moving Text Codecs from ICU to GLib, the
third for switching TextBreakIterator to GLib and the fourth one for adding IDN

For the first two modificaitons, I have created two mostly independent patches
which can be reviewed separately. Unfortunately, they overlap in changes for
/configure.ac and /GNUMakefile.am. This is because I introduced a compile flag
for compiling a hybrid WebKit version that has a mixed ICU/GLib Unicode

Patch 2/4 can be applied after 1/4 if the changes to configure.ac and
GNUMakefile.am and JavaScriptCore/wtf/unicode/Unicode.h are ignored/skipped.

I can quickly clean up the second patch in this regard once the first is

My plan is that once these two would be landed, I will provide 3/4 and 4/4
containing the TextBreakIterator change and the IDN support - applying cleanly
to a future SVN revision that contains 1&2. 

If anyone has a suggestion for improving or simplifying this staged process,
please let me know. Also, any testing/feedback on the two separated patches is
very welcome.

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