[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 23064] Always repeatable crash when clicking 'Play Wilhelm Scream'

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Mon Jan 5 14:23:59 PST 2009


------- Comment #7 from john.engelhart at gmail.com  2009-01-05 14:23 PDT -------
Removing Safari Adblock (mv /Library/InputManagers/Saf...
/Library/DisabledInputManagers/) and restarting safari clears up the problem,
though I'm very curious as to why.

Also, I tried this on a powerbook- same crash, but also running Safari Adblock.

Looking at the stack trace, there's nothing in there that points to Safari
Adblock, it's all deep in javascript land.  Digging a little bit more, I set up
a dtrace probe on 'RegexKit*:::EndMatch' to see if safari adblock was even
'doing anything'.  Nada, zippo, no matches took place between the time the page
loaded and I clicked on the button.  Not conclusive, but seems like a fair
assumption that Safari Adblock code was not executed.

I've never once had a problem with safari adblock, and I've poked and prodded
it more than most people (I wrote regexkit).  Very weird.  Weirder still that
it only happens with java disabled.

Not sure where you want to take this bug.  I don't know the webkit code base at
all, so I can't realistically dig in to it even though I'd like to know the
reason why (having written the regex part of safari adblock).

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