[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 23116] [GTK] Fix crash due a callback called from GIO after the destruction of the ResourceHandle

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Mon Jan 12 01:43:46 PST 2009


------- Comment #17 from otte at gnome.org  2009-01-12 01:43 PDT -------
I'm very unlikely to split this up into small separate patches anytime soon,
- I'm at LCA/holidays now
- The svn/ChangeLog workflow is incredibly depressing for small-patch workflow
- every time I compile Webkit it takes at least 5 minutes on my box, because
the linking is swapping like mad, so this will cost me some hours just for
- I consider it a rewrite at this point, because it quite fundamentally changes
the behavior of the SOUP ResourceHandle.

In retrospect it would have been easier to split this patch up, had I known
about the multiple crashers and leaks this patch now fixes in advance, but most
of those were hidden bugs that just showed up while I refactored.

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