[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 24152] Move the logic to do the unconfirmed message count and pending activity setting from WorkerMessagingProxy to Worker.

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Wed Feb 25 08:07:54 PST 2009


------- Comment #3 from jianli at chromium.org  2009-02-25 08:07 PDT -------
Previously, worker object inquiries WorkerMessagingProxy about these info. So
it needs to check if WorkerMessagingProxy is in terminating state or not. Now
WorkerMessagingProxy passes these info directly to the worker object. So this
check is performed before calling into the worker object (see

(In reply to comment #2)
> Just one question, previously the code looked like this:
>      return m_contextProxy->hasPendingActivity() ||
> ActiveDOMObject::hasPendingActivity();
> where
>      m_contextProxy->hasPendingActivity() was "(m_unconfirmedMessageCount ||
> m_workerThreadHadPendingActivity) && !m_askedToTerminate"
> but now it is
>      return m_unconfirmedMessageCount || m_workerContextHadPendingActivity ||
> ActiveDOMObject::hasPendingActivity();
> Why is the loss of the m_askedToTerminate condition ok?

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