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> (In reply to comment #17)
> > In HTML5, it's the document that has the HTML vs XML flag and an element acts
> > as per its document's flag. It isn't done on a per-element basis.
> WebKit has an equivalent distinction.  document->isHTMLDocument() will tell you
> if your Document* is really an HTMLDocument* and thus you should be in "html"
> mode not XHTML mode.

Exactly. This is the core of my comments: other browsers do such a distinction
on an element level (using the namespace).
HTML5 removes the namespace distinction as HTML and XHTML elements uses the
same namespace and places the distinction at the document level. However the
second change will lead to compatibility bugs (this bug is an example).
I am just stating that my change only solves part of our current compatibility
issue and that we may prefer to solve it entirely, which means a per-element
policy that goes against HTML5. We may also decide that this is just a corner
case and just side with HTML5.

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