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------- Comment #17 from yichao.yin at torchmobile.com.cn  2009-02-11 20:13 PDT -------
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> I don't get it. How can the same browser support both XHTML and XHTMLMP then? I
> think this is highly suspect.

In fact, Document::isXHTMLMPDocument() is used to recognize the XHTMLMP
doucment by MIMEtype.
XMLTokenizer::isXHTMLMPDocument() will be used to distinguish XHTMLMP and XHTML
by m_isXHTMLMPDocument,
which will be reset according to the public ID of DOCTYPE declaration, so that
browser can support XHTML
and XHTMLMP at the same time.

> > Sorry, I am not sure how to name the error is better. how about this one:
> > "DOCTYPE declaration lack." ?
> Maybe someone else, perhaps Hyatt, can help you with this naming.
This is a problem. seems I have to keep this one until got a better one. I will
ask Hyatt for help.

> > > The check before casting scriptElement to HTMLScriptElement* is a little bit
> > > non-obvious. I think that function should be on ScriptElement not on
> > > HTMLScriptElement. It can simply return false for non-HTML script elements.
> > > That's more efficient than what you're doing here and also safer because it
> > > doesn't require a cast.
> > 
> > sounds better. but if that we have to change the code of ScriptElement and
> > SVGScriptElement. 
> Yes.
> > I think it's not very good for this patch to touch much none-XHTMLMP code in
> > the WebCore. No?
> I understand your desire to not touch other code, but that's not a good
> strategy long term. We shouldn't add things without considering the overall
> design. The change I suggested has very little, or no, cost.
> I think it's absolutely fine to touch the non-XHTMLMP code if it makes things
> cleaner. Ideally, though, we should do that in a separate small patch first to
> prepare, and not do it as part of a large XHTMLMP patch.

You are right, I will do it.

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