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> (In reply to comment #135)
> > When are properties actually useful? They are unconfortable to use even in
> > Python. For widgets, software such as Glade benefits from them, but they don´t
> > seem to be so useful in the DOM. I wouldn't regret it if they dissapeared.
> GObject features notify:: signals, which allows you to attach callback
> functions that are invoked when a property changes. But perhaps there are other
> mechanisms for that.

This would require that the WebCore DOM notify the GObject bindings when a DOM
property changes.  It's unlikely that we'd be able to do this without a
substantial performance impact on DOM operations, even when no-one is listening
for notifications.  The DOM itself supports mutation events that are fired when
attributes are added, removed or modified, but as they have a measurable
performance impact even if unused we have chosen not to support them at this
time (they're #if'd out in the code).

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