[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 23820] Keyboard shortcut to switch between windows does not work correctly

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Sun Feb 8 02:57:16 PST 2009


------- Comment #4 from cochonou at fastmail.fm  2009-02-08 02:57 PDT -------
The problem experienced is the same with or without and empty plugin folder.
I made no particular progress in trying to kill the helpers/daemons installed
by third party software which should be unrelated to Safari/Webkit.

However, I did find out that mashing enough times the COMMAND-` shortcut, on a
complex enough website, eventually causes the webkit nightly to fail with a
memory protection error.

1- Browse to www.google.fr
2- Open a new window (2)
3- Browse in this window (2) to www.webkit.org (for some reason, it won't work
with www.google.fr)
4- Press the COMMAND-` shortcut (typically around 20 to 30 times), with no
5- Close window (2)

The original window on www.google.fr will not get focus, and after a few
seconds the program will crash.
I have attached the report, hoping that it might help in pinpointing the issue.

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