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------- Comment #8 from james at wheare.org  2009-02-07 15:39 PDT -------
For the benefit of Google:

I managed to isolate a reduced test case here:

The setup involves a <select> with at least two <option> children inside a
position:fixed container which is itself contained by a position:relative

Then with javascript:
1. Set the position of the fixed container to absolute
2. Access the container's clientWidth or clientHeight properties
3. Restore the position of the container to fixed

After these operations, select a different option from the drop down and it's
text content will be munged with random characters.

This particular test case doesn't trigger the crash, but it's probably the root

This may seem like quite a strange operation but is used in the Prototype.js
Element.getDimensions method:

Thankfully it's fixed in the latest Webkit nightly but knowing what triggers it
should help any web developers who encounter this issue in the mean time.

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