[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 32460] Regression: Web inspector deletes nodes when editing css

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Sun Dec 13 06:26:30 PST 2009


--- Comment #6 from Pavel Feldman <pfeldman at chromium.org>  2009-12-13 06:26:29 PST ---
pfeldman: anyways, i think we should agree upon the focus / keyboard thing. cos
i think up/down working in entire panel is not good if for example we make
styles focusable and up/down is pressed there...

xenon: if up/down work in other areas sure, otherwise i think up/down should
bubble to the panel and be handled by the tree

pfeldman: i want to make all trees traversable

xenon: ok

pfeldman: from the ui standpoint, imagine now there are several focusable
components on elements panel. you start on elements tree. then you press tab
and focus goes to the toolbar all buttons are focusable, but we can make
tabIndex -1 for them and it will be kinda single traverse step. then it gets to
"Styles" expandable compartment. Space triggers that compartment
(collapses/expands). Press tab again, you get into the Styles contents where
Up/Down do their local job.

xenon: sounds fine. but toolbar should be first, then the tree, then the
sidebar items. toolbar buttons should all be seperate, like a real app.

pfeldman: this brings us to the question of the focus ui identification. For
trees, blue background of the selected focused node is enough. But what about
"Styles" expandable group. How to show it has a focus?

xenon: not sure. maybe the header is brighter/colored.

pfeldman: ok.

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