[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 28269] Inspector: Improve Cookie DataGrid to Show Hidden Data

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Tue Aug 18 10:53:18 PDT 2009


--- Comment #21 from Joseph Pecoraro <joepeck02 at gmail.com>  2009-08-18 10:53:16 PDT ---
> Well, you need to pass the result within some callback to make the call
> asynchronous.

Okay, so the advantage is to make this async.  I wasn't too worried about that,
but its probably better to do that now rather then later.

> If you don't want to store your state / data in between the call
> and response, look at DOMAgent.js. Here is a snippet you might be interested
> in:
> WebInspector.Cookies.prototype = {
>     doAsyncWork: function() {
>         function mycallback(results, are, here) {
>             // process the result here
>         }
>         var callId = WebInspector.Callback.wrap(mycallback);
>         InspectorController.getCookies(callId, parameters, go, here);
>     }
> }
> WebInspector.didGetCookies = WebInspector.Callback.processCallback;
> Then you add 'didGetCookies' into InspectorFrontend and call it from backend
> with the same callId you are getting.

Okay, the way that I see this right now, I'll have something like:

  InspectorBackend.getCookies(callId) // Starting point in IDL
   -> InspectorController.getCookies(callid) // To get the Document for
    -> InspectorDOMAgent.getCookies(callid, doc) // Deal with the CookieJar
     -> InspectorFrontEnd.didGetCookies(callid, data) // Data to send the
      -> WebInspector.didGetCookies(callid, data) // Run the JS callback

It seems like that callstack is a bit over the top but it keeps consistent with
current conventions.  Does this look okay?

I'll also need to turn a Vector<Cookie> into a ScriptObject. There are a number
of "buildArray..." in InspectorDOMAgent that I could emulate to build an array
of cookie objects.  Its actually much easier to work with ScriptObject and
ScriptArray then the Custom implementations, I wish I had gone this route

Thanks for the guidance so far Pavel, I really appreciate it.

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