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--- Comment #2 from Calvin <calvinstock at gmail.com>  2009-08-17 13:09:23 PDT ---
That's nothing! :P I have even seen "null" title's on my iPhone.

I never liked the generic "Javascript" or "index.html" title's in those popup
boxes. That's the reason that I'm here... although it is not really a bug (more
a design flaw)... I would love to see a way to customize the title's (and
button names)

my idea is to expand:

alert("hello world")

to (note the [ and ] for optional parameters so that it stays standard

alert("hello world" [, "title" [, "name of the button" ]])

the prompt and confirm popup syntax is analogue:

prompt("text goes here" [, "title" [, <array of length 2 with the button

-> it should be possible here to only have one button if you pass an array of
length 1 (longer arrays can be ignored) so that a log in box makes more sense
(when you *have/want* to log in you don't cancel)

confirm("text" [, "title [, button-names]])

As a webapp developer (mostly iphone optimized webapps) I want to be able to
deliver the best user experience and standard javascript boxes doesn't fit
always but because they are well integrated (and nice lookin' on the iPhone) I
want to keep using them.

And... a suggestion for a new popup would be a 'choice'-box. It's like a
confirm-popup but with more that 2 buttons (you can integrate it with the
confirm but then it wouldn't be standard compliant anymore... i think).


choice("would you like to save you're progress?", "My webapp", [ "Cancel",
"yes", no"], cancel)

you specify text, title, buttons and ofcourse a default for the buttons

is this possible? or is it something that will never be supported? I would love
to see these little things in the next major update (safari 5 and iphoneOS 4.0)

Thank you... and please keep me posted... I would like your opinion on my

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