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--- Comment #1 from Rob Retchless <retchless at gmail.com>  2009-08-14 11:59:03 PDT ---
Great paper Pat.

This passage pretty much sums up the problem:

> In the communicating event loops model, there are no
> explicit receive operations; rather, each received message
> notifies a callback, spawning a sequential call-return
> computation which executes to completion. The stack
> becomes empty before the next incoming message is
> processed. For this style of distributed computation, the
> conventional debugger's stack view only reaches back to
> the last receive – the one that spawned the current stack.
> Since each received message is processed to completion
> separately, these computations are largely independent, so
> earlier state within the same process is likely less relevant
> than the process that sent the message.

The biggest pain areas are with event debugging (like mousemove) or async

In terms of interaction, it would be cool if the debugger could record a time
period, and then allow me to step through everything that happens during that
time period retroactively.  It would have to properly connect the various
related call stacks to each other though, doing something similar to Causeway,
and support watch variables.

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