[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 28179] Shortcuts on webpages don't work if the Qt application has the same shortcut

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--- Comment #7 from Benjamin Meyer <ben at meyerhome.net>  2009-08-12 08:08:32 PDT ---
Some more notes from looking things up:

The documentation for ShortcutOverride is very slim and I am not exactly sure
how it is suppose to be used, when it is called,  or if this is even the Qt way
to handle this bug.  Looking through Qt's source it looked like when a widget
overrides a global shortcut (like many do such as QLineEdit, QComboBox etc)
they should handle this event saying that they should eat the keyevent and not
allow a shortcut to.  Is this correct?

If we could know that there is a listener for a key without having to actually
pass a key event then we could accept the event on ShortcutOverride without
having to send the key event.  This seems like the correct approach to solving

Tested Safari and it behaves as expected; ctrl+s doesn't do Save As, but passes
it to the DOM and GoogleDocs so there might be some code in WebKit already to
handle this.

Simon, you mentioned that Arora could handle its shortcuts in a
re-implementation of
keyPressEvents.  To do this were you thinking to overload
ShortcutOverrideEvent, always accept the event and then in the KeyPressEvent if
the key isn't accepted walk up the parent tree find all QShortcut children, and
test their QKeySequence if it matches call that shortcut and return?

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