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--- Comment #84 from Yong Li <yong.li at torchmobile.com>  2009-08-10 14:47:11 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #69)
> (From update of attachment 34394 [details])
> The ChangeLog really should have more information on what these classes are
> for, what they do.  Why does the WinCE port use this new "SharedBitmap" and
> what is it for?  It seems ImageBufferData is just to allow ImageBuffer to be
> backed by a SharedBitmap, the question is why? ;)  Likewise BufferedImage seems
> to exist so that Image can be backed by a ImageBufferData.  Why wouldn't WinCE
> have used the BitmapImage abstraction that other classes use?  Image exists to
> abstract between SVGImage, PDFDocumentImage and BitmapImage.  Seems you have
> created a duplicate/parallel BitmapImage-like subclass, no?
> (Not necessarily giving objection here, just seeking more information!) :)
> Need more info in the ChangeLog to perform a good review.  Also, I think given
> how comment-full this bug is now, these patches really should be each on their
> own bugs so they can be discussed where folks have some prayer of being able to
> read all the relevant comments. :)
> Indent:
> +: m_data(size)
> +, m_size(size)
> UNUSED_ARG is what you want:
> +    grayScale; // Currently not used
> c++ casts:
> +    const unsigned char* src = (unsigned char*)m_data.m_bitmap->bytes();
> r-, mostly for the lack of ChangeLog information.

Sorry, I misunderstood your question. Yes, BufferedImage is parallel to
BitmapImage. The reason we use BufferedImage is that BitmapImage is too
expensive in this case. Another option is to implement
BitmapImage(NativeImagePtr, ImageObserver* = 0) as other ports do.

ImageBuffer::image() is supposed to return an Image interface which is used
only for render. BufferedImage is very thin, and I think it makes things much
simpler than doing it in another way.

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