[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 27511] Add WinCE specific platform/graphics files to WebCore

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--- Comment #67 from Adam Treat <treat at kde.org>  2009-08-09 20:53:44 PDT ---
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> (In reply to comment #65)
> > 
> > Probably because "while" was designed for the case when you don't need a loop
> > initializer or increment.
> where "for" is designed for all the cases, including the case that no condition
> check is needed. isn't empty expression better than "true"? :)

Yong, pkasting: this kind of conversation should be done at the pub over a beer
or in an IRC private message if the subject matter really is that fascinating
to you guys.  Personally, I find the debate to be void of any real signal and
really high on the noise.

This bug report should focus on the actual substantive code.  Not trivial
issues like this.  The whole purpose of review is to make the code better and
to (hopefully) make ourselves better at what we do, not to devolve into
ridiculous arguments over absolutely trivial and personal coding styles.

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