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--- Comment #6 from Jay Campan <jcampan at google.com>  2009-08-04 10:10:00 PDT ---
Some answers:
>1. why all those browsers either assume the popup item's directionality as LTR
>or based on heuristics? Is there any specific reason? Should the popup item be
>displayed using the  input field's directionality?
I am not sure why that is the behavior of all browsers. It suspect just like in
Chrome this is just not implemented and defaults to LTR.
I think that the popup item should be using the input field's directionality.

>2. What should be the correct behavior in Mac, should I leave Chrome as it is
>to be consistent with Safari in Mac. Or should I change it to be the same as
>FireFox in Mac? (FireFox always do text truncation to keep the item width the
>same as input field width, and it always assumes text item as LTR
>directionality, no matter in Windows or Mac)?  How about Linux?
I think Chrome on all platforms should limit the size of the popup to the size
of the input field and use truncation.

>3. Jay mentioned that we do not want to restrict the width of combo-box
>(<select> tag), but how about the text display directionality? Should it be
>different from autofill popup?
I was making that point because the code for the popup is shared by the
autofill and <select> combobox. So we want different behavior for the 2 cases:
combox, no width restriction, autofill, width restricted to the input field's
The directionality of the combobox should be consistent with field's
directionality as well.

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