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Daniel Upstone <zeal at zealvurte.co.uk> changed:

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--- Comment #24 from Daniel Upstone <zeal at zealvurte.co.uk>  2009-08-01 08:51:51 PDT ---
This bug has still not been resolved and is a serious browser inconsistency
issue for CSS2 implementation.
It may be worth noting that IE8 is the only browser to do this correctly (yes,
you read that correctly). Firefox does render correctly, but c&p of the output
shows that it's still using forced quotes on the q element rather than
providing the rendered result or a no-generated-content result. Opera seems to
have it's own issues (eg. a stray " sneaking in) but is otherwise fine. Webkit
still lacks full support and renders incorrectly.

Test Case: http://www.zealous-studios.co.uk/content-quotes.xhtml
The test case shows the following issues.
1. quotes are not changing when nesting. This is because webkit has the defined
the defaults in an incorrect way.
2. quotes are not effected by language. This is for the same reason as above.
3. *-quote values for the content property are still not supported (as shown in
https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=6503). This breaks any attempt to
correctly fix this bug with correct css defaults such as the attachment Vincent
Richard provided. It also prevents designers from using the values to override
the incorrect defaults in webkit.
4. The second issue creates the illusion of a lack of support for the quotes
property on anything but blockquote and quote (CSS2 states it applies to all
elements). Because of all of the above issues, correct support can't be tested

Bug 6503 needs to be fixed first, then Vincent's patch applied for this bug.

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