[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 20092] Spelling markers positioned incorrectly in RTL text

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Tue Sep 23 01:47:47 PDT 2008


------- Comment #6 from mitz at webkit.org  2008-09-23 01:47 PDT -------
I made another couple of comments about the patch on IRC. Some notes about the
regression test: spelling markers will only show under a misspelled word in
editable HTML after the insertion point visited it, so you will probably need
to create a editable HTML element with misspelled words and make sure to place
the caret inside every word you want the marker to draw under. In the default
configuration, DumpRenderTree uses the built-in English spelling dictionary,
which ignores the right-to-left scripts, but you can use Latin text with the
style "direction: rtl; unicode-bidi: bidi-override;" to get misspelled,
right-to-left text.

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