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------- Comment #61 from lkcl at lkcl.net  2008-09-19 13:17 PDT -------
DerivedSources/gdom/gdom%.h: DerivedSources/gdom/gdom%.cpp;

can't do the header files, either.

libgdom_la_HEADERS = \
        $(libgdom_h_api) \

$libgdom_h_api =  DerivedSources/gdomAttr.h .....

DerivedSources/gdom/gdom%.h: DerivedSources/gdom/gdom%.cpp;

DerivedSources/gdom/Gdom%.cpp: %.idl $(SCRIPTS_BINDINGS)
    $(PERL) -I$(WebCore)/bindings/scripts
$(WebCore)/bindings/scripts/generate-bindings.pl --include $(WebCore)/dom
--include $(WebCore)/html --include $(WebCore)/css --include $(WebCore)/page
--include $(WebCore)/xml --include $(WebCore)/svg --outputDir
"$(GENSOURCESGDOM)" --defines "$(FEATURE_DEFINES_GDOM)" --generator GObject $<

so... unless someone could come up with a solution, or you're
happy to rename all idl files from Attr.idl and BarInfo.idl to
attr.idl and bar-info.idl, the names either have to stick
GdomAttr.h, perhaps be gdom-Attr.h and gdom-BarInfo.h, or have
a post-processing stage which, for the purposes of placing
them into /usr/include/webkit-1.0/gdom, performs a rename at
that time rather than a straight copy.

oh - and a rename.  i'll attach a text-converter which will
be capable of performing the rename, post-processing the
text to replace gdom/GdomAttr.h with gdom/gdom-attr.h written
in python cos i like python and it took me 10 mins rather
than 30 plus aggro in perl :)

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