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Tue Sep 16 13:33:33 PDT 2008


------- Comment #49 from lkcl at lkcl.net  2008-09-16 13:33 PDT -------

                 attribute  [ConvertNullToNullString] DOMString            text
                     setter raises(DOMException);
        readonly attribute  DOMString            text;

in the gobject bindings, i'm ignoring entirely the "ConvertNullToNullString",
and making use of the fact that the #ifdef makes the attribute writeable rather
than read-only.

some of the pyjamas-desktop code required write access to the text (equivalent
to setting "innerHTML").

at _some point in the future_ - after the patch has been landed,
revisiting the "ConvertNullToNullString" and other idl modifiers,
should be examined.

... but _not_ right now.  what's there "works" - pyjamas-desktop,
and pywebkitgtk "work".  there's no need to fix what isn't broken.

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