[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 20237] Zero width and space characters are displayed incorrectly if not contained in a fallback font.

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------- Comment #19 from dglazkov at chromium.org  2008-09-08 10:35 PDT -------
Well, I dug some more, using a pristine (font-wise) XP install and here's what
happens for the ZWS chars for a standard Win font, using Times New Roman as an

wkGetGlyphs returns 0 for the 0x200B char, so the glyph doesn't exist in the
font, but FontCache::getFontDataForCharacters is able to scare up the glyph
using font-linking (the glyph is borrowed from Lucida Sans Unicode).

In the case of 0xFFFC, the same path is followed, except no glyph is found
using font-linking, so we fall back into Uniscribe, drawing the string into a
metafile. Unlucky for us, this succeeds with (woot!) "Times New Roman", which
brings back the original font, which in turn draws a square in place of the

So, the proposed patch, IMHO (I am not a fonts expert, please correct me if I
am wrong) eliminates the need to dip into the IMLang linking business and
avoids creating metafile objects for drawing the ORC char.

I don't have a strong opinion about moving the SimpleFontData substitution
logic to Font::glyphDataForCharacter. My thinking was to initialize the
FontCache with the substituted objects to begin with, so that there's no
additional checking while drawing each character.

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