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------- Comment #28 from dominik.roettsches at access-company.com  2008-09-04 06:57 PDT -------
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> 2) html page with korean or japanese language(utf-16) not showing any text. 

It would be helpful if you could post the URLs you're having problems with. In
my opinion, UTF-16 source-encoded web pages are really rare as using this
encoding inflates the content size. 

I tried some pages as found on the Alexa.com top 100 pages by country or
For Korea, for example http://www.dreamwiz.com/, http://www.gmarket.co.kr/ -
These ones are EUC-KR encoded. They are okay from an encoding point of view,
however I cannot verify rendering completely as I don't have Korean fonts on my
For Japanese I found that certain pages are in EUC-JP which might not be
available. It depends on whether your system's iconv supports EUC-JP. My
installation of iconv for example cannot instantiate a codec for this encoding.
If you do a debug build, you will be able to see if there are problems
instantiating a certain encoding by console error messages like: "EUC-JP not
decodable => not available!" or "EUC-JP not encodable => not available!". 

> 3) tried to open url like google.com, these pages are not coming up.i put some
> debug statements in code so find out when launcher try to access the .js pages
> it hung there itself and not proceeding further.

google.com, google.co.kr, google.co.jp display fine here. It would be helpful
if you could provide more details and specify the exact URLs or procedure that
lead to the problems you are observing.

Have you tried the same in a built of the same revision but without applying
the patch? - Just compare whether it's a new issue introduced by this page or
one that might have existed previously.

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