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------- Comment #74 from lkcl at lkcl.net  2008-10-17 00:16 PDT -------
kevin: GREAT.  (because even completing cosmetic changes, now, is too much

mark: if there were additional cosmetic changes, you should have said so
_three weeks_ ago.

i began the process of removing comments which indicated that future
work and investigation would be needed - and, to be honest, began to
get quite pissed off that i was being requested to do so.

there has been a hell of a lot done and there is still a hell of a lot
_to_ be done, and expecting code to "look perfect" - disallowing people
from being able to leave reminders to themselves and to others - doesn't
engender a particularly strong desire to continue with the work.

i don't have any pets.

i addressed cosmetic changes and other changes; explained why
issues that you raised _could_ not be addressed, asked you if
that was ok .... and have not received a response.

please re-read the comments, post-review in each case, and provide
additional advice or acceptance of the issues, so that we can

i would be very surprised if you've had any patches to webkit that
have totalled 200k and 7,000 lines.

it's therefore outside of everybody's comfort zone.

you're therefore going need to make some allowances and run by
a slightly different set of rules.

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