[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 22441] Bridge the gap between the generated ElementFactory and HTMLElementFactory

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------- Comment #22 from eric at webkit.org  2008-11-26 16:19 PDT -------
(In reply to comment #21)
> I don't agree with adding qname parameter to every element. There is no reason
> to ever construct HTMLHtmlElement if other tag name than <html>. We lose
> self-documenting nature of code like this:
>     RefPtr<HTMLTableCaptionElement> caption = new
> HTMLTableCaptionElement(document());
> vs.
>    RefPtr<HTMLTableSectionElement> newBody = new
> HTMLTableSectionElement(tbodyTag, document());
> where we can immeditealy see that HTMLTableSectionElement can represent
> multiple tags while HTMLTableCaptionElement can not.
> Surely you it would be better to make your autogeneration script slightly
> smarter rather than losing this architectural feature?

Moving this discussion to bug 22518.
May this bug RIP. :)

If you feel strongly, we certainly can roll out these changes and put them back
up for review.  Of coruse, just because they've landed doesn't mean they can't
be rolled out if that's necessary.

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