[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 22432] Add tickmark plumbing support for scrollbars

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Sun Nov 23 19:56:09 PST 2008


------- Comment #2 from darin at apple.com  2008-11-23 19:56 PDT -------
(From update of attachment 25385)
> The painting code for the scrollbar
> +        just needed to call paintTickmarks at the right time and a default no-op implementation is
> +        provided, which the ports will need to override.

Makes sense, and it seems fine to add this hook.

I don't understand why tick marks are specific to vertical scrollbars, though.

>           This also provides a paintTickmark (singular)
> +        function definition, which paintTickmarks should call and the port also needs to override.

I don't understand how this is helpful. If only the paintTickmarks function is
going to call paintTickmark, then there's no reason for the paintTickmark
function to be virtual or to be declared in the base class.

Separate question: Is this going to be part of the Windows scrollbar theme, or
is there going to be a separate one for Chrome?

I'm not going to review this + or - because of my questions above.

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