[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 22350] Allow layout tests to run in php cgi mode

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Wed Nov 19 00:20:46 PST 2008


------- Comment #3 from deanm at chromium.org  2008-11-19 00:20 PDT -------
The short story is that apache cygwin has a lot of problems.  Windows apache
(but not on cygwin) doesn't work well with cygwin, think about perl scripts in
the layout tests, etc...  If we wanted to put a lot of effort into it, we may
be able to switch back over to Apache, but it is really much more involved than
you might think.

Lighttp has turned out to be much faster and easier to use, bundle, configure,
etc, especially now that we're running tests on 3 platforms.

The getallheaders() fix is trivial, so I shouldn't see any problems with it.

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