[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 22280] REGRESSION (r37605-37698): Increased animated GIF resource usage

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------- Comment #2 from pkasting at google.com  2008-11-16 14:50 PDT -------
r37612 has a known perf decrease with certain animated GIFs which is
unavoidable: the old code was not animating GIFs fast enough, so since the new
code is doing more work, it can consume more resources.

At the time I checked in this code, I mentioned this to hyatt.  In most cases I
saw the problem was due to the CG GIF decoder apparently re-decoding from the
beginning of the stream on any frame, instead of doing as little work as
possible to move from the prior frame(s) to the current one.  (This is
something of a simplification.)  Not sure if any bug got filed in radar about

If this is the source of the bug, I don't think we can easily address it on the
WebKit side.  It may need to be fixed in image decoder land.  Another
possibility would be to move from the CG decoders to one in the WebKit tree
(e.g. the Chromium decoders) but I doubt that would go over well; I think Apple
has a number of reasons to prefer the CG decoders in Safari.

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