[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 20393] Add WML support to WebKit

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Fri Nov 14 14:05:27 PST 2008


------- Comment #34 from zimmermann at kde.org  2008-11-14 14:05 PDT -------
Hi Yichao,

I'm working on a whole new revision of this patch, actually working in non-Qt
environments, most noticeable: Mac/Cocoa. WMLTokenizer is tied to Qt at the
moment, I'll fix that.

> * Yes, we'd better set value of class member with setXXXX() method by
> convetion.
> In some cases WMLSelectElement needs to update the
> HTMLSelectElement::m_multiple but HTMLSelectElement::setMultiple() doesn't
> support it. I think we needn't to add new method for HTMLSelectElement and
> WMLSelectElement to implement that. 
> Of cource, you are right. we should  not affect HTML while WML is enabled. I
> have fixed it in my new patch.

I think you don't need to change setMultiple in any way, because the
setAttribute() call will immediately call parseMappedAttribute, which takes
care of setting m_multiple to the correct value.

> * Thanks for your advice and new patch. I did slight change for your update
> about this issue because (const char*)data can't be casted to WB_UTINY*
> directly.

Great, I'll take that into account.

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