[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 21990] When a rare EUC-JP character is present, explicitly (and correctly) labelled EUC-JP document is mistreated as Shift_JIS

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------- Comment #3 from jshin at chromium.org  2008-11-03 15:35 PDT -------
Ooops. I wrote a long reply last week and thought I submitted it, but
apparently moved away before submitting it (I shouldn't open too many tabs :-)

Let me rewrite what I wrote before:

1. We should never invoke it without an explicit user request even when its
almost perfect. Currently, webkit does not offer a way to control it. Bug 16482
adds a settings/preference entry for that among other things.

2. Until we have a very good quality encoding detector (I'd regard none of
encoding detector used in web browsers today as clearing the bar. Neither is
ICU's encoding detector), we should NOT invoke it for a page with an expliclty
(and more often than not, correctly) specified encoding (meta or http) even if
a user turns on the detector. This is what Firefox does and what I implemented
in bug 16482.  On the other hand, MS IE behaves differently (I'm not sure
exactly what it does)

3. When we have a really good detector, we may reconsider #2.  

For this particular bug, I can't get rid of built-in Japanese detector
completely yet because ICU's encoding detector does not detect ISO-2022-JP, but
I propose we use the same condition for invoking built-in encoding detector as
I do for ICU's detector in the patch for bug 16482. 

How does it sound? 

BTW, this was independently reported for Chrome (
http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=3799 )

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