[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 9191] JS*ElementWrapperFactory should be autogenerated

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> (From update of attachment 21207 [edit])
> Wow.  Totally awesome.
> I assume you've diff'd the generated file from the old manual file to confirm
> that there are no bad changes?

Yes (it is not exactly a diff as the old code is using some macros to generate
the code). The preparatory work I checked in last week was to guarantee that
all tags would be guarded by the right #ifdefine guard and are not taken into
account if the guard is not matched.

I have also tested the build thoroughly with different options to confirm that
I had not forgotten some generated code.

> I think long term we want to move away from hacks in the perl file, and instead
> use a more advanced data file for generation.  For example, you could encode
> all of the information from the perl hashes in the htmltags.in file using
> proper comments.  (Or we could turn things like htmltags.in into XML like
> mozilla has for their bindings stuff.)

I think the best way here is to opt for XML files. Some of make_names.pl
parameters could also be included (like guardCppWith...) in the *.in files. It
would also clean and simplify make_names.pl.

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