[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 18972] WebKit not using 304 Not Modified for Ajax requests

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Tue May 20 11:50:30 PDT 2008


------- Comment #15 from warnickr_1 at isp01.net  2008-05-20 11:50 PDT -------
If this is the same issue that we saw (Bug# 17895), then I am guessing that
Safari works fine on the PC?  I will have to try it to see.  

So, you are saying that Webkit will not do anything to work around this
problem?  Other browsers like Firefox work just fine on the Mac.  Do you know
if Apple is working on a fix?  How would I reference this bug with Apple?  I
hope that someone is working on it because the only other option that we have
is to tell everyone not to use Safari on the Mac. It's hard for me to imagine
that this is what Apple or Webkit want.  I mean not being able to effectively
cache content over ~200K in size seems like a fairly large shortcoming with
Safari on the Mac.

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