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------- Comment #3 from mike.emmel at gmail.com  2008-03-24 23:01 PDT -------

Is someone responsible for the timer code ?

As far as a bug its pretty obvious if your firing a timer the original code
silently dropped timers. 

The code also has another bug I did not fix and its if you change the timer of
a timer thats in the list to fire after the one your firing then it does not
Most of time this results in a timer continuously reset into the future.

I suspect the guard for the timer was and attempt to fix this. By dropping
timers you hide this other bug.

The answer is the timers or at least the fire times need to be copied in the
fire list and it should be local to the function.

Any chance that I can talk to a resident expert on this code since it still has
a number of problems. I just fixed a obvious problem and also noted the
potential advancing timer problem. Thats three with just me reviewing the code.
I'd not be surprised if there is one more.

So does the code have a resident expert ?

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