[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 17318] Arrow keys don't work in an autocomplete list on Facebook

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> Why was that behaviour changed, was it causing issues ?


It's clear that we are having compatibility issues either way, but our previous
behavior was translating into bugs with international text input that were very
hard to avoid without changing the whole model (and that we sometimes even
shared with Firefox). In short, a keydown event corresponds to a low-level
event that is not yet translated, and thus carries a virtual key code
parameter, while keypress corresponds to a high-level character event, and
carries a character code. There are no character codes for arrow keys, so we
simply had to get rid of keypress events for those (previously, they carried
semi-bogus codes in WebKit that weren't compatible with any other browser).

> Many tech-aware sites use firefox features to allow richer user experience like
> this one.

While it is obvious that we fixed some compatibility bugs, and obtained new
ones, I think that IE's model that we now match is perfectly suitable for
developing a rich UI. If you have examples for which it is inferior, I'd be
very interested to hear about those!

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