[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 19786] LEAK when rapidly closing multiple tabs while they are still loading content

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------- Comment #5 from dylanryan at mac.com  2008-06-26 22:34 PDT -------
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> If you close tabs rapidly then the leak detection timer can fire before all the
> relevant cleanup has completed, leading to many false positives.  I believe
> that is what you are seeing based on the steps that you describe.  To verify
> that it is a legitimate leak you need to pause for five or ten seconds, open a
> blank window, close it, and wait to see if you see another dialog.  If you can
> reproduce a leak after following these extra steps, please let me know.

More testing, and I can't get it to happen. i guess I am hitting this, then.

Would it be possible to make the timer on the leak check wait a little longer
to lessen the amount of this and similar false positives (i just tested rapidly
Cmd-N, Cmd-W-ing over and over and got a similar message)? Or would it have to
be lengthened to such a degree that the dialog would no longer open more or
less at the same time as the window closes?

It is just annoying because the dialogs prevent Safari/WebKit from doing
ANYTHING until they are all dismissed (like a javascript alert() dialog), and
since i get 5 to 10 of them opened back to back, it makes it annoying to get
rid of them all just so that I can open a new window. Maybe could the leaks
dialog be made into a simple HTML document loaded in a borderless/chromeless
standard webkit window, so that it doesn't prevent the program from responding?
or is that getting into the Safari chrome and not the webkit guts?

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