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> I'm a bit uneasy with bringing up this example, but it seems apt here. What
> about the case of projection media in a large conference halls or television
> media in someone's home theater. Here even more than computer displays users
> prefer to have things scaled at other than 100%. Isn't it better that one inch
> in InDesign is equal to one inch in Safari (or another WebKit application)? Why
> should the WebKit application always maintain a 100% scale no matter how the
> user changes her preferences.

Well I would take the approach that the 1cm specified = 1cm displayed would be
correct on a standard display. By a standard display I mean anything like a
computer monitor or a sheet of paper.

A projector would be a 'scaled display', therefore it would be accepted that
what is displayed is a scaled version of what is specified. The other question
is how many DPI is a projector, since it largely depends on the distance of the
projector from the wall and I generally there is no clear feedback on the
actual display size. Though how we deal with a 'scaled display' in Webkit is
certainly an interesting problem and this would probably be handled slightly
differently to a regular display. The other thing is trying to make things feel
natural for the user, while not trying to be too smart with the approach.

Two attributes I would be tempted to see are:
 - boolean maintainScale : whether or not to follow screen scale
 - double zoom : the zoom ratio

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