[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 11644] Absolute lengths assume 96.0 DPI

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------- Comment #20 from robburns1 at mac.com  2008-06-26 07:07 PDT -------
As a WebView developer I would like to see this bug addressed. I'm surprised
Apple itself doesn't also want its supporting teams to support resolution
independence and all of the work Apple has put into that.

I'd just really like to see someone central to the WebKit team take the time to
understand this bug. It is not about the 96dpi issue. CSS sets 96dpi as the
recommended screen and print resolution. Fine. That has nothing to do with
resolution independence (which is why I recommended renaming this summary). The
issue is that WebViews do not fit in with other NSViews because an NSView unit
is supposed to be a point —  especially in a resolution independent environment
— and WebView treats the unit as less than a point (0.75% of a point). That
means using two NSView classes (or their subclasses) side by side in an
application where units matter will lead to the WebView being larger than the
non-WebView NSView.

So in the future no one should necessarily care about whether pixels are 96dpi
or 80dpi or whatever. What matters is the scale of the WebView compared to the
other NSViews. Perhaps I should file a separate bug on that, but the gist of
the discussion is about resolution independence and the 96dpi for pixels has
got little to do with resolution independence (if anything setting a pixel to
1/96th of an inch improves resolution independence by turning a pixel into a
resolution independent unit as strange as that sounds).

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