[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 19130] [GTK] ChromeClient::createWindow and friends need to be implemented

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Tue Jun 24 15:47:35 PDT 2008


------- Comment #19 from christian at imendio.com  2008-06-24 15:47 PDT -------
> I like this version much better than the previous one. I will try to find some
> time to try this out in midori.

So I found time and also two issues:

> WebKitWebView  * (* create_web_view) (WebKitWebView* web_view,
>            WebKitWebWindowFeatures* window_features,
>            WebKitNetworkRequest* request);
The signature is wrong, the first argument after the web view is a web frame.

Also after implementing create-web-view, new windows did start to show up as
tabs in midori. However the following critical warning was printed:

GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_value_set_boolean: assertion `G_VALUE_HOLDS_BOOLEAN
(value)' failed

I'm not sure where this is coming from, I can't see the problem in the code.

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