[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 9197] CSS3: Borders with border-radius and double, groove, or ridge styles should look better

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Fri Jun 20 01:08:43 PDT 2008


------- Comment #14 from darwin at milliamp.org  2008-06-20 01:08 PDT -------
Oh wow, awesome test case you had there. Shows some massive problems with

When drawing rounded borders, an outer rounded clipping region is applied
Also currently, in cases where it needs to, an inner rounded clipping region is
also applied.

You last patch removes the inner clipping region in all cases explicitly but
you're saying it is required? 
Those clipping regions perform elliptically at the corners so are they what
you're saying is required? 
If so, what was the reasoning for removing them in the patch? 

I'm interested in getting this all fixed up so any pointers would be

(The double border case would probably need additional clipping regions than
what is currently there to cater for the gap between the border strokes)

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