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In Mozilla and Opera, you won't get an alert, because it allows you to move
nodes between documents.

In IE, you will get an alert, and then a script error, because it never allows
you to move nodes between documents.

In Webkit, you will get an alert first, but then because of the compat hack,
you can still move the node across documents as long as you remove it first, so
you will see that div moves inside the iframe.

I would argue that you shouldn't never be able to move nodes across documents,
unless you adoptNode().  This is the point of adoptNode().

If we decide that we should be able to move nodes across documents, then

1) The case of moving a connected node (which now exceptions) should be made to
work, like it does in Mozilla and Opera.

2) We should not do the "adopting" in checkAddChild, this is clearly the wrong
place to do it, and the adopting is clearly implemented incorrectly.  These
paths should share the same code paths as adoptChild().  Adopting needs to be
handled carefully, and it should only be done in one place so we can make sure
the implementation handles this consistently.

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