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------- Comment #45 from eric at webkit.org  2008-07-31 15:09 PDT -------
(From update of attachment 22470)
I just realized there is another problem with this patch:

The "create*Hash" functions are "wrong" because they end up causing the lookup
to be against the "prefix:localName" pair.  Two elements can have matching
qualified names, even if their prefixes are different.  All you care about is
that their namespaceURIs and localNames match.

+static HashSet<String, CaseFoldingHash>*
+    static HashSet<String, CaseFoldingHash> elementHashSet;
+    if (elementHashSet.isEmpty()) {

For example, this snippet of xhtml:

<foobar:p xmlns:foobar="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" />

That is a "p" tag, and should be treated just like <p> in an HTML document or
just like <xhtml:p> (if in some other document "xhtml" is bound to the xhtml

The current code would do a lookup comparing "p" against "foobar:p" and fail. 
That's not what you want. :)

A better way to do this lookup would probably be to just inline the hashtable
back into the isTextFormattingElement function and do the namespaceURI
comparison right before the hash-lookup. Like this:

bool AccessibilityRenderObject::isTextFormattingElement() const
    if (!m_renderer || !m_renderer->element())
           return false;

    Element* element = m_renderer->element();
    if (element->namespaceURI() != HTMLNames::htmlNamespaceURI)
        return false;

    static HashSet<String, CaseFoldingHash> formattingElements;
    if (formattingElements.isEmpty()) {

    return formattingElements.contains(element->localName());

I suggest inlining the hash setup back into the isTextFormattingElement
function, because the hash can't really stand alone w/o the namespace lookup.

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