[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 15312] WebKit applies an incorrect min width for <input type="text"> fields

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------- Comment #24 from ovafai at gmail.com  2008-07-27 10:02 PDT -------
Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I didn't get emails when Hyatt responded on the

> My concern is really with the case where no font is explicitly specified.  IE
> uses a fixed pitch default font.  Safari uses Lucida Grande.  We need to ensure
> that this algorithm works well for Lucida Grande.

I'll ensure Lucida Grande does something reasonable once the platform issues
below are address. As it is now, Lucida Grande renders exactly as it did before
because it goes down the CG path (even with GDI fonts enabled).

> Oh, I see you did this for Windows only.

Only because I don't know how to do this on Mac/Linux. I was hoping someone on
this thread that is more familiar with Mac/Linux APIs could help me out here.

> I really dislike that you added 2 members to SimpleFontData on every platform,
> but then only use them on Windows.  I also don't like treating "0" for
> avgCharWidth as "unset."

My hope was to add a proper value for this to every platform. I just am not
familier with the Mac/Linux ways to get this data (if there are any). I sent
this patch as is so that it would at least be submittable without breaking
other platforms.

> Character widths should also be float-based (the fact that Windows rounds is a
> platform-specific characteristic not shared by other platforms necessarily).

Will fix that.

> Why not get the width of 0 for the other platforms?  Then you don't have to
> special case the RenderTextControl code.

That's fine with me. Again, I was hoping someone on this thread would know how
to get the actual avgCharWidth/maxCharWidth of the font on Mac/Linux. 

Should maxCharWidth also be the width of a 0? That seems a bit weird, but I
don't know what would be better.

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