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------- Comment #3 from hyatt at apple.com  2008-07-23 15:32 PDT -------
(From update of attachment 22395)
CSSComputedStyleDeclaration should not be part of this patch.

Need a followup bug that keyframes should support a comma-separated list of
percentages and not just a single percentage.

The way keyframe rules are added is wrong.  You need to add keyframe styles as
part of the normal addRulesFromSheet process.  You can't add them in a separate
walk or you'll miss @import and @media behavior.

Make a test with a <style> element that @imports a sheet with keyframes and
you'll see that it doesn't work.  Similarly try putting a @keyframes rule
inside @media print { } and watch it incorrectly apply to screen.

You already have the hashtable from name -> keyframes rule held by the
CSSStyleSelector.  Just build it up during the normal addRulesFromSheet process

The code that aggressively constructs RenderStyles at keyframe-buildup time in
the style selector is wrong, but that's the part I'm looking the other way on.

This patch duplicates stuff from 19938.... the Node/Document/Element changes. 
Pick one patch to put them in. :)

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