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------- Comment #9 from jacob.refstrup at hp.com  2008-07-11 00:40 PDT -------
(In reply to comment #7)
> Looking more closely at the current run-webkit-tests I realize that it attempts
> to keep the current DRT open by default for 1000 tests. So perhaps the best way
> of doing it is to keep N instances of DRT open for 1000 tests. That will leave
> one perl process coordinating everything (which is fine) but there's some logic
> needed to figure out which pipe was broken (in case of one of the DRTs
> crashing) and we need some select logic to wait for the output to be available.

It looks like if we simply keep track of all the DRT instances and their
file-handles and PIDs then we can use waitpid(-1,WNOHANG) in the SIGPIPE
handler to figure out which DRT instance failed.

The prologue and epilogue stuff will require some serialization -- but right
now it looks like it's only windows that use them; and it'd be a great start if
just MacOSX and linux could use parallel DRTs.   

I'll start putting something together...
- Jacob

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