[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 19973] 'Highlight' color keyword does not honor user specified color

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------- Comment #6 from webkit at keeto.net  2008-07-10 14:11 PDT -------
It surely doesn't help that Apple tends to do their own thing with these
highlight colors in their own apps. After researching this further, it appears
that there are two user configurable system color settings you can make: 

Appearance (which is limited to 'Blue' and 'Graphite') is described as being
'For the overall look of buttons, menus and windows'. This is intended to be
the 'system tint' color.

Highlight Color (which has some predefined colors but also lets the user
specify using the picker) is described as 'For selected text'.

However, it appears that table selection highlighting (at least in what appear
to be standard NSTableViews) uses a derivative of the Highlight Color
(specifically [NSColor alternateSelectedControlColor]) instead of the
Appearance tint. I notice when looking at the system colors available through
NSColor that changing the Highlight color in the Appearance preference pane
will actually modify alternateSelectedControlColor, selectedControlColor and
selectedTextBackgroundColor. Menu selections, buttons, focus outlines, scroll
bars and almost everything else drawn by the system, on the other hand, all
honor the system tint color.

It appears that Firefox is following this lead in their implementation of the
Highlight system color keyword and is perhaps specifically using [NSColor
alternateSelectedControlColor].  WebKit is apparently hard-coding this value to
something that 'looks decent' as long as you don't look too hard at it (and
don't run Windows).

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