[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 19834] Failed assertion in JavaScriptCore/VM/SegmentedVector.h:82

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Tue Jul 1 07:17:17 PDT 2008


------- Comment #3 from david.hansen at gmx.net  2008-07-01 07:17 PDT -------
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> Feels more like a bug though, confirming.

I should have added some more words...  Was a bit tired.

This is just the shortest test case I came up with.  It doesn't depend on
the implementation of the getter / setters.

w/o assertions enabled it produces the weirdest things (I discovered this
when I managed to define `undefined' to some function) but usually it just

Linking against electric fence (w/ disabled assertions) results in a seg fault
in the hash table code.  I suspect the symbol table of the global object is
completely foobared.

This started after updating from SVN yesterday, didn't happen before (about 1
week old version from svn).  Hope this helps a bit to narrow it down.

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